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Evaluation Based Products

Real World Sales Assessments

This line of website evaluations will evaluate your sites ability to move visitors through your site based on your sales objectives. They will help you diagnose only the biggest leaks in your sales process. Prices start at $5,000

Persuasion Assessments

The next-generation of Real World Assessments. This is the most comprehensive evaluation possible. It measures how well your site is doing in moving targeted customer segments through your site according to your sales goals. These Persuasion Assessments are also available for your offsite and offline sales/marketing efforts as well. Prices start at $15,000

Solution Based Products

Shopping Cart Process Storyboard

Using Persuasion Architecture principles, we evaluate your sites selling process and product mix and then design the storyboard for your shopping cart process to minimize your shopping cart abandonment rates and maximize sales. Prices start at $20,000

Persuasion Architecture Redesign

One of our most popular products. Redesign your site with Persuasion Architecture. You receive full access to our patent pending MAP Suite, and our PA team will guide you and your team through every step of applying Persuasion Architecture to your redesign project. Prices start at $25,000

Service Based Solutions

Persuasion Architecture Based Strategy

Using the Persuasion Architecture methodology we can develop a strategy that injects relevance to each of your customer segments along with any marketing channel. Prices start at $15,000

Trusted Advisor

Retain our expertise and services on a monthly fee basis. Stay ahead of your competitors in online conversion, persuasion strategies, and techniques. Currently, we take very few monthly retainer clients. Find out if your company and ours make for a profitable match. Contact us for pricing.

Cream of The Crop

Persuasion Architecture – Accelerated

Plan an entire Persuasion Architecture in under a week. Redesigns, product launches, new campaigns are always a disruptive process. Our accelerated process is designed to remove as much of the disruption as possible. It includes everything you would need from any of our solution based products or services but in an accelerated fashion.

You and your empowered decision-making team will spend 3-5 days in our offices with our PA team designing your Persuasion Architecture. You leave with everything but the production. Inquire about the process and pricing.


On-site Training

You and your team will be trained to use our methods and our patent-pending MAP process. We can train you in your offices or our ours. Inquire about training options.

Workshops and Training Events

Attend an upcoming workshop.

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