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Improve Conversion Rates By Persuading Prospects

Whether your business is B2C, B2B or highly complex sales you have goals for your prospects. You want to ensure they take action on your website. These actions include:

  • Completing purchases – lowering your abandonment rates and increasing your sales
  • Becoming a lead online – qualifying prospects that lead to sales
  • Driving customers across channels – enhancing your brand affinity and increasing value

A Record Commotion’s exclusive focus is researching, developing, and optimizing the methods that help our clients optimize their marketing efforts and websites to meet both their visitor’s goals and their key business goals.

Our clients have enjoyed increased conversion rates, not by small increments but by multiples. A Record Commotion offers an array of services that utilize these proven methods for increasing your conversion rate.

The Record Commotion Difference

You have a product or service to sell… What makes a prospect consider purchasing from you? Are they going to buy from you just because they found you in the search engine or because they heard or saw an ad? How many of your competitors are they finding as well?

When they see your product on your site, is it your logo, the font, the color or even where they find it on the page you designed that drives them to take out their credit card?

There is lots of talk about improving usability to increase conversion rates, but plenty of us have stood in long lines, fought in the parking lots and jumped through hoops just to get what we want.

Maybe your web analytics can point you to what is not persuading your visitors, but it won’t answer the question of what does!

A/B testing and multivariate testing will tell you which of your choices worked better but how does your team come up with the choices in the first place?

Not that any of these disciplines aren’t valuable — they’re all in our toolbox –, however, their role is secondary in getting your prospect to take action. The answers are flowing in the art and science of Persuasion Architecture. Our adherence to the best principles of this art and science combined with intense customer focus differentiates the Future Now, Inc. approach. Our results speak for themselves.

Persuasion Architecture Delivers What Your Customers Desire

Record Commotion first described the fundamental methodology of converting online traffic in 1998; publishing over 200 columns, 200 articles and 3 books on the subject which marketers worldwide have used to boost their site conversion rates, training dozens of clients and licensees.

The process A Record Commotion pioneered to plan persuasive elements of a marketing strategy and website is called Persuasion Architecture. It is a patent-pending process that maps the customer’s buying process to your selling process.

The focus is persuading your visitor segments to take action. While similar to information architecture, which involves the design of organization and navigation systems to help people find and manage information more successfully, the goal of Persuasion Architecture is to not only educate your customers but create the persuasive momentum that will allow them to pull themselves through to a close.

Persuasion Architecture is a patent pending persona-based business process for creating online and offline sales processes that must serve many diverse types of customers, prospects, and visitors.

Utilizing Persuasion Architecture’s proprietary software suite and processes a website is designed and optimized for every persona to be persuaded, based on their own needs, without sacrificing the needs of other personas.

The Optimizing Conversion Rate Million Dollar Question…

How do I build a single pipeline that gets me the highest conversion rate?”

Marketers are finally focused on improving the average conversion rate for their average customer. Nevertheless, after 7 years devoted to increasing conversion rates we have found a better question:

How do I build multiple pipelines that give me the highest conversion rate overall?”

Helping Clients Optimize Conversion Rate for Websites, and Marketing & Sales Strategy

A Record Commotion is based in Nairobi and was founded in 1998 with the sole purpose of helping clients increase their conversion rates. A Record Commotion shares its unique and proprietary conversion rate marketing processes and expertise with a broad range of B2B and B2C clients worldwide by providing trainingconsultinglicensing, research, assessment services, and publishing. You can benefit from:

  • Persuasion Architecture – matches your visitor’s buying process to your sales process in order to increase sales, opt-ins and lead generation. This function is especially critical for long-term complex sales.
  • Multi-channel Experience Planning – provide your customers with a persuasive experience that enhances your brand and increases sales
  • Conversion Assessments System – receive a heuristic review of your current website that offers critiques and provides actionable recommendations to increase conversion
  • Copywriting Services – enjoy better editing and copywriting that persuades your prospects to take action you want them to take
  • Gaining Insight from Metrics – use your current data set to improve your results
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – optimize your site incorporating key elements that enhance your website’s ability to persuade
  • Training Your Team – transfer expertise to your in-house staff and create your own conversion rate improvement experts

Learn about our conversion rate marketing services or contact us to learn how to improve your conversion rates.

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